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Darwin Day Resources


Darwin Day is a fantastic opportunity for your secular student group to take part in a national celebration of education and science. Groups around the country, and around the world, will be taking part and celebrating the birth of one of the most important scientists of the modern era.

We encourage your group to take part as a way to not only educate your own group members on the importance of Evolution and Darwin's work, but also as a way to reach out to your wider campus and community to foster a better understanding of the theory of evolution and its place in modern biology. There are many types of events you can hold, from having a birthday party (complete with cake!) to hosting a speaker on his life and/or evolution; more ideas can be found below.

This year (2014), Darwin Day will be on Wednesday February 12th. Even if you cannot hold an event on the exact day, you can hold an event sometime that week.

Event ideas for Darwin Day:

  • Darwin Birthday Party (complete with cake or cupcakes)
  • Darwin Day Tabling - Have materials on hand to explain and promote evolution and biology as well as be willing to handle related questions
  • Host a speaker on evolution or another science theme. This speaker can often be a professor at your school or a member of the SSA Speakers Bureau
  • Have a general discussion meeting about evolution and how to combat pseudoscience and creationism in schools
  • Show a TV episode from a show like Cosmos or Nova, or a movie such as Creation
  • Flyer your campus with educational posters or flyers on evolution, why it is important, and its impact on science and the modern world

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