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Group Mohawking

Planning Time

1 week

Group Size


Staff #


Event Date


Activity Overview: There are a number of good reasons for your group members to shave their heads into Mohawks, and none of them make you a cult. There is great value in making a normally invisible minority identifiable; visibility has always been an issue for freethinkers, who traditionally have been unable and unwilling to out themselves. In addition, doing this as a group creates a strong group dynamic, and enhances solidarity between members, without necessarily excluding or off-putting outsiders. Finally, this activity makes for a great fundraising opportunity, especially if you can promote this as, "Pay $X to give ______ a Mohawk for charity!" (For more information on setting that up, refer to the Fundraising section in your Group Running Guide, as well as the Charities and Service Project activity packets.).

Planning timeframe: To get the supplies and convince members to take part should only take one week; if you're planning a fundraising event in conjunction, it may take three to four weeks of planning.

Coordinating: Find someone (not necessarily within your group) who can cut your hair, preferably for free.

Material requirements: You'll need a hair clipper and clips to shave off the unnecessary hair, and possibly a beard trimmer or razor for detailed work. Mirrors will enable both the cutter and cut to see what's going on. Get a plastic tarp to put under the cutting chair; even if you're doing it outside, you don't want to leave hair just everywhere. For the optional idea mentioned in step 5, you'd need spray paint and stiff paper.

Cooperating Organizations: Seriously, who in their right mind would want to do this with you?

Suggested Walkthrough

  1. Talk to your members about getting Mohawks as a group. Don't coerce or pressure them, but inform them that all the cool atheists are getting Mohawks (Photoshopped pictures of Richard Dawkins will come in handy).
  2. Allow people to research how they want their hair to look. This will depend largely on their natural hair style.
  3. Set up your grooming area.
  4. Shave away! Since the variety of possibilities and styles is so wide, you'll want to look up how the desired style is achieved. WikiHow has a good general introduction here, and look around online for other ideas.
  5. Consider spray paint or hair stencils in the shape of the OUT Campaign's A. If your Mohawk hasn't gotten the message across, this certainly will! About.com has a good introduction, and look on this page for ideas for creating a stencil.
  6. Live the dream!
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