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Leafletting in High Schools


Almost all colleges and universities have easily-accessible guidelines for putting up public notices. However, the guidelines for public high schools are often much harder to find. Additionally, high school administrations have a nasty habit of intimidating free expression of ideas they don't like, whether or not they have reason or the law behind them.

If you're looking to put up fliers for your high school group, you need to know your rights inside the schoolhouse gate. Luckily, the San Diego Campaign to Demilitarize Our Schools has put together a packet of information, tips, ideas, and warnings for high school activists. This will prove helpful to high school students unsure about their rights, as well as some college activists who face administrative opposition.

The packet was originally found at Campusactivism.org (http://www.campusactivism.org/displayresource-186.htm). The San Diego Campaign to Demilitarize Our Schools can be reached through thier parent organization, the Committee Opposed to Militarism and the Draft (http://comdsd.org/).

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