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r Authorities and those in positions of influence are always ready to dismiss those who want to change existing institutions. In order to hold their attention and public interest, as well as to fortify the foundations of your position, you need to do research on laws, statutes, court cases, traditions, culture, and other related fields. Other than widespread public support, documented knowledge that you can point to is your bedrock, the ground you can most surely stand on if your opposition attempts to discredit you. This guide to doing research is an excerpt from the Campus Organizing Guide of the Center for Campus Organizing (CCO).

The full CCO guide is available at Campusactivism.org (http://www.campusactivism.org/displayresource-49.htm). If you're interested in more in-depth, perhaps even covert research into a university, corporation, or church, Campus Activism has longer guides here (http://www.campusactivism.org/displayresource-110.htm) and here (http://www.campusactivism.org/displayresource-46.htm).

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