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Secular Student Alliance in the Boston U. Free Press

The Daily Free Press (Boston U.'s student paper) ran an article about the rise of atheism on college campuses. It mentions our affiliates at Harvard and Tufts, and points out that there are still lots of Boston campuses without groups. Are you a student or faculty at one? Request your group starting packet now so you can create a nontheistic community on your campus.

SSA eMpirical No. 23 - Chock Full o'Freethought

Secular Student Alliance in the Boston Globe


Secular Student Alliance Executive Director August Brunsman was quoted in last Sunday's Boston Globe Magazine about the rapid growth of our affiliate groups.

Also quoted in the article are

New Group at U. of Arkansas in the News


Occam's Razors is a new Secular Student Alliance affiliate group at the University of Arkansas - Fayetteville. The Arkansas Traveler recently ran a piece about the group and its aims. By the way, Occam's Razors recently changed its name from Razorback Freethought Alliance--the story uses the old name.


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