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National Public Radio Piece on Ellery Schempp

Ellery SchemppEllery Schempp was only 16 when he decided he was done putting up with his public school's mandatory Bible readings. His protest began with silently reading the Koran while the Bible reading were happenings. His protest ended with an eight to one Supreme Court decision that removed school-sponsored prayer and Bible reading from the public schools.

U of MN, Morris Campus Atheists, Skeptics, and Humanists off to a Fantastic Start!


Sixty students showed up to the first meeting of the University of Minnesota, Morris Campus Atheist, Skeptics and Humanists first meeting. The group is lucky enough to have prominent science blogger PZ Myers as its advisor. He blogged about the meeting last night.

Watch Sold Out Atheist Convention Live over the Internet

Crystal Clear AtheismUnfortunately, there is no space available for you to attend Atheist Alliance International's (AAI) September 2007 "Crystal Clear Atheism" convention. That's the bad news. Now for the good news--we are pleased to offer you an opportunity to view all of the convention proceedings as a live Internet video stream.

SSA eMpirical No. 22 - Back to School '07


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