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Jamila Bey

  • Jamila is a journalist living in DC

  • She hosts a radio show entitled "The Sex, Politics And Religion Hour: SPAR With Jamila"

  • Has worked with NPR

  • Writes extensively, with a new book due out soon, which involves religion in the lives of African Americans

  • Find Jamila on Twitter @jbey

Jamila Bey is a journalist based in Washington, DC, where she hosts the weekly radio show The Sex, Politics And Religion Hour: SPAR With Jamila which airs on AM 1390 in Washington and AM 1430 in New York City.  She also writes for the Washington Post blog, She the People. 

Jamila served a decade-long stint as a producer and editor at National Public Radio working for shows including Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Tell Me More with Michel Martin, and Talk of the Nation.  Her work has appeared in the New York Times, The New Humanist of London, Jazz Times Magazine and WebMD as well as on The Today Show and radio stations around the country.

A sought-after speaker and writer, Jamila’s areas of expertise include health and family policy, and all issues concerning the First Amendment.  She particularly enjoys reporting on issues concerning religion and the separation of church and state.

A stand-up comedienne, Jamila says she enjoys the stage because it’s a cheaper hobby than scrapbooking. Her first book about the role of religion in the lives of African-American women is to be completed in fall 2012.

Jamila would love to speak on the following subjects:

  • Diversity in Secularism
  • Comedy and Satire as Religious Argument
  • The Civil Rights Movement: It Was Largely a Secular One
  • Making Your Message More Clear: How to Communicate Better in Print, Online and for Broadcast
  • Jamila is also available for media training

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