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Getting t-shirts for your group


Many SSA affiliates enjoy purchasing t-shirts for their group with their logo and name on them. This can often be expensive if not ordered in large amounts and it also required some graphic design work on the group's part. Having group t-shirts is a great idea for numerous reasons but there are also some drawbacks. But don't forget we can help you out with that!

Group t-shirts often provide a feeling of community and belonging. Many people enjoy wearing shirts for organizations, teams, or schools they belong to because they are proud of it and want to demonstrate their pride and support. They are also a great way to advertise your group around campus; just get shirts and have your members go about their daily routines.

There are a couple different ways that you can handle getting your group to buy shirts:

1. Buy them with your group's funding (often available through your school's organizational funds) and then sell them at a couple dollars' markup to group members. This way you have awesome group shirts and you have made a bit of money for your group's treasury.

2. Once you have a supply of shirts, you can also use them as an incentive for attendees to become group members. You can offer them for any membership cost you deem apropriate; this way your group gains of bit of money, you gain new members who are invested in the organization, and you have people walking around campus advertising your group.

One of the biggest downsides to buying shirts is the cost. Unless you buy enough shirts in bulk, it can get pretty pricey pretty quickly. But you're in luck! The SSA now offers awesome SSA branded t-shirts at cost!

  • You can get these t-shirts for only $5 each! Then give them away, sell them, do whatever you'd like with them.
  • No designer needed! The SSA logo is framed on a great background that pays homage to all the symbols that make up the movement (from Pastafarianism¬† to the evolvefish).
  • We offer a wide range of sizes, in both men's and women's shirts.
  • You can get them here as long as you are logged into your account. If you have any issues with that, please click here.

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